Stay steezy n WAVY, We can all find our PEAKS, Heaven Exists, Just Listen to Music and keep the good vibes daily.

- steez

<3 DJ

down down

In the gutter

off the wall

into the wall

outide lookin like

well rest Rest In Peace, reaper weaps  

not forever

idk, i'm sleeping in my dreams

right by the sea

weezee says it ain't so

i say wheeze on some more smoke 💨 

because it might be

ans the house is being blown

down down

by the big bad wolf

we all scary yet we all float on

clouds and clowns

all sad they are

just wanted to make up

cuz they couldn't make out

say it ain't so. 

listening to hell boy, lil peep and things as i remember them​

lavishness ravishes