Stay steezy n WAVY, We can all find our PEAKS, Heaven Exists, Just Listen to Music and keep the good vibes daily.

- steez

<3 DJ

I think

I've seen all I need

to be original ish

time to just. Be

like kush and weed

i don't need the tree

to see

everlasting piece

and me chilling like lil peep

all by my lonely  

at ease

ah I see

you roll your eyes

but not in dramatic annoyance

but in love with a fleeting thought

as I drift to sleep

see you in the morning time

lovely lovely

girl by the bay

whatever that meant

and whatever that might mean

in the sea, I locate tears of heartbreak

but in it, I see ecstasy as eyes finally

and I mean finally awake to meet

you, the one that rose to me

and you the one that drew

in my dreams

in my dreams

yeah in my dreams

ill skate for real  

I'll know how to

and I'll be with

good people

they will channel

the ghostly coast

and visionary vibes

U can say all I want to hear

Goth post-punk indie boy