Stay steezy n WAVY, We can all find our PEAKS, Heaven Exists, Just Listen to Music and keep the good vibes daily.

- steez

<3 DJ

40 oz of wisdom

Perma fried drive


Setting one self up for failure versus success

The mind one must put on to discuss is logical

Not the cold hearted calculating kind

Just the one that takes a step back

Approaches things in the most realistic

Straightforward way


You disrespect

Learn don't do it again

Simple as that

No questions


You are about to act out

Deep breath

Do something else


It's not that people can 

Think before speaking or doing

But they can reframe their approach

Don't be so quick to assume


If people don't laugh

You aren't funny

But keep making jokes

Be yourself maybe one day you will be


If you get a bad grade

You didn't understand the material

But keep studying

And you will


Don't stop now

The answers are around the corner



Isn't just philosophy and nature talks

It is balance

With something somewhere

A written depiction of peace with surroundings

City or countryside, virtual and spiritual, meta and basic, substantial and meager


Ordinary and extraordinary are odd words

It's all the same

The good, the bad


What will happen has happened

What has happened will happen

When will this change?


When we start understanding

Things aren't there to understand 

Or to dissect

We aren't meant to live longer

To prosper or to plunder

To bombard, to destroy 

To plot a plot

Or watch the clock

24 hours all we ever need

Four seasons

And no society

Just one universe

Rain or shine

Good vibes

Hey you, stop lying

Logic and emotion strung together

Put down the weapons, hug one another

It feels so good to need nothing at all

The genie is sublime, it's in us all

We all have the vision

It's just not known

We all have the rhythm

We wanna get up and get down low

The people start shouting

They're always so loud

Everyone says it's a revolution

But guess what


It's quiet now.

Just everyone in their room.

Staring at screens.

Laughing to themselves about things

Seen and unseen.


Come out of the house

It's morning time

Go out for a cruise

Down sunset drive.

So it was said that I used to sit and talk with you



Down this avenue in the afternoon.

No Copyright Intended

"half of being an artist is being a poet" - mac