Stay steezy n WAVY, We can all find our PEAKS, Heaven Exists, Just Listen to Music and keep the good vibes daily.

- steez

<3 DJ

Paper is sought, till it burns AWAY AWAY FROMM HEERE

Wish you were here. Bugz. Bugs. All around and washed out.

Jbo, Job, Jbone, Dogs and Bones and Seas, Cats and Kittens and Kids.

Paper trails.

Think clearly. What do you want in life. The blue house. The kitchen and backyard. The kids the wife, the pets. The friends over for beers, cigarettes, and mixed drinks. Still free styling over some old beat. Still pretending we can be something some day even when some day is just any other. Some day is another day, every day... one day. That's what we all say. Meet me at the top of the hill. I will meet u there, we all will. People dressed head to toe to fill the entire field with energy. Lights coming from the stars, the concert venue, the gaze of everyone's eyes piercing each other's. Shields lifted. Ah so I am a high class, socialized, school bred, American bs fed, white boy privileged, patronized, religion influenced, relatively happy individual. hmm. I wonder what people will make of that... Can I have an opinion? Probably not. I'll remain anonymous. I say I can't have an opinion because opinions were made worse by hypocrites, who tended to be the same types as me, that, well, went before me. So it goes. Notes: Joey Bada$$ says they don't get it, one day they will. Fck T ump. Implicit means implied means lack of control. Everyone has implicit prejudice. To what levels, how. Abstractions don't lead much of anywhere unless in art.

Bug Spot, an ongoing novel by Van Jones "my name is yon yonsen i come from wisconsin, i work in a lumber mill there" - KV, Slaughterhouse 5

Yup, the 5th Shade of Blue, Teal.