Stay steezy n WAVY, We can all find our PEAKS, Heaven Exists, Just Listen to Music and keep the good vibes daily.

- steez

<3 DJ

Things I want, Things I don't want, Things I need, Things I don't

I don't want money

i want vintage things, old VHS vids, cassettes camcorders and walkey talkys  

i guess that means I don't not want money

i just don't want to be greedy, dont wanna be selfish either

want my records and cds, maybe throw in a few skate and surf and snow dvds

skateboards and roller skates too

hit me up, I'm ready to cruise

and maybe play tony hawks underground and ssx tricky on PlayStation 2. 

i want beanies and Dad caps, snap backs and back packs, hacky sacks, and hoodies with the straps, baggie t shirts, sweatpants, basketball shorts,  lakais vans converse all the shoes one can have

old magazines, books, anything outta MTV cribs, pimp my ride, and music videos

anything I can show off at show and tell with my lil sis and fellow bros  

i mainly want things to make music on, I want my own space to create. Someday, one day.

Blue Tuesdays

Rough Drafts