Stay steezy n WAVY, We can all find our PEAKS, Heaven Exists, Just Listen to Music and keep the good vibes daily.

- steez

<3 DJ

More poetry breaks

Seems everyone is so focused on the old

And so focused on the new

That technology has yet to fuse

With old teachings

So that we may begin anew

In the spirit of sweet residue

Misty knowledge at our fingertips

Stalled by what we want

To leave our lips

What reaches our ears

We distill in unwise ways

With everything we are given

We must use in moderation

We have all that is needed

To be safe, not sorry

Write till the dead of the night

Awake to the liveliness of light

Hear the birds whisper gentle prose

Understand that friends

Can make the greatest foes

But humble statements

Acknowledgments address

Our deepest woes

Here I sit, with vape pen in hand

Keys with which I write

Not keys with which I play

A book on my lap

Easy to read

Music to my ears

Easy to digest


We have everything

To make a wise choice

Technology need not be poised

As poison for the mind

To corrupt the soul

In mindless staring and dilly dally

But to understand concepts

To make sense, or no sense

Of reality

It is all here

Don't spread yourself too thin

For doing one thing

Begets another

Begetting a form of honest begging

Longing a mating ritual

The purest one in fact

- Technology At Home, 1/13/18

Here we are again

Awaiting awakening

Sorry about little things

The pilots crash

And the singer sings

Kamikaze nights

Hail Mary angel wings

Full of grace

Gift of taste

If you like it

Refine it in a holy place

Laced with ecstasy

But only to few

Don’t be misguided

By the surface level

And sinker deeper into

- Conscious pontious, 1/14/18

Teach me how to not trust my heart

Teach me how to fall apart

It’s hard to give up

Process one thing at a time slowly

Don’t give up for its sake alone

Here I sit alone

I want company

But my mind never required it

I learned it

It’s time for me to unlearn

We want what we want

That’s ok

It is just pushing us

TowArds something

GreAter than our desires

There has to be this…

It is a dream

I will play the game

Of love not lust

Pushing looks a lot like punishing

Desire looks like sell

Don’t push or sell

Just repent not repent

Relent not relent

Have mercy on my unattainable wishes

That I may see reward

In some form

For inflicted restriction of substance